Friday, 2 March 2012

I once fired a Musket

I once fired a musket and 25 years later my ears are still ringing. Hence I hate guns (and anything else that bangs out of tune) and know very little about them.  Which brings me to the point of this post – Research using the internet and who is watching who.
Over the past few months I’ve typed in:
Assault rifles, automatic pistols, the Taliban, terrorist organisations, oh, and AID (artificial insemination by donor). Luxury yachts were in there too and ‘who wrote the hit ‘Cold as Ice’, (Foreigner if you’re interested).  Each search has led me to some fairly interesting websites but my question is: Have I been ‘red-flagged’ and if so by whom?
No doubt I’ll get an answer one day when I get a knock on the door.
Have you ever researched anything that has caused you considerable disquiet (because we are all paranoid to a degree)?


  1. You know I've never really thought of that. I hope not as I've researched a fairly odd set of subjects including guns...

  2. Andrea

    I'll see you in Holloway - (or am I now going to have to research women's prisons.