Thursday, 7 June 2012

There’s Pride to be found in getting it Wrong

First off, I’m an appalling blogger, haven’t posted in ages.  Why not? Well, because I’ve really had nothing to share, nothing half meaningful anyway, and most of the time, Silence is Golden and there is too little of it about.  Time too. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it)

What has struck me, though, is the level of insecurity expressed across the forums by unpublished writers who are terrified of getting something wrong.  (I include myself in this crowd.)  Questions that keep me awake at night include: Did I screw up the submission guidelines? (Probably) Am I using Social Media enough? (Much more and I won’t have time left to write)  Is what I’ve subbed complete crap? (Ouch, this could be excruciating).

My point is that we need to take solace in having subbed in the first place. It takes BALLS. Huge, shiny ones. Hanging down to the knee, ones.  And like testicles, they are vulnerable to a kicking and, boy, it is going to hurt!

But at least we are all putting ourselves out there. That takes courage. So help yourself to a medal—I’m  taking two.


  1. I think everyone who entered the New Voices competition must have had balls of steel, especially people who entered it the year before...

  2. Yup, things got a bit heated, but made for compulsive viewing. Mind you, I wasn't the subject of any vitriol.

    Think it all blew up over those stupid roses, that didn't mean a damn anyway. Barmy.