Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bloody Afflictions!

Of all the afflictions a writer might hope to avoid, ‘memory like a sieve’ must rank near the top.  I have a tough job with names (even have to run through the register when addressing one of my own kids), and book titles too.  This makes it hard to share/recommend/enthuse about a good read.

And it’s no bloody fun when you’re trying to track your own work.

I do a lot of my writing in my head. Driving to work and home again. Zoning out in meetings so tedious I want to open a vein. Even sitting here blogging right now. One part of my mind is always preoccupied with the story I’m working on.  Problem is, the minute I hit the computer, it all seeps away, can’t even find the thread to tie a knot in it, half the time.

Carry a notebook, you might advise.  Ah, no thanks. I already have three points on my licence (for doing 34mph—yup, still pissed off cos I forgot to send off the fine and got hit for £230 rather than the original £60), and have you ever noticed how in a meeting, your closest neighbours are always checking out what notes you’re taking. Besides, I’ve tried scraps of paper and lose them every time only to come across them months later, to wonder WTF.

Yet I plod on, always back-reading what I’ve already written (which takes hours) in the hope that something will stick for good or better still trigger some random thoughts from earlier on.  Why? Cos that’s another affliction of mine, a cussed stubbornness not to yield any ground.

Yes this all makes me a difficult person to live with but I do have one saving grace, I value my friends, and damn straight, I never forget them.

Got any afflictions you want to share?


  1. Oh I think writing generally.... But most of all that little box that comes up when you try to write a comment..... Proving I'm not a robot leaves me so sodding afflicted, I'm sure I beep.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I find that some sites seem to know in advance not to let me enter under any circs. After all they can't make that code word you have to type in illegible on purpose, or do they....

    2. Course they do. I must be made of metal with flashing lights the times I have proved. Yes. I am a robot. If I was only a dalek now I'd take them out.
      Anyway shared your link on facebook. Good post and you are a good friend, so worth beeping to say so.

    3. Well thank you, Shehanne. Got to be honest, having friends is what keeps me sane whilst trying to prove that I too am not a robot (or a dalek - they scare me).

  2. You have an iPhone deary. Notes. Great app. Next time you have a random thought whip it out, or if you're driving, you can get loads of voice note apps, like a dictation device (can you tell I work with lawyers lol).

    I agree, friends are very valued as are you! Thanks again for your help this weekend.

    FYI, my licence has more points than a hectagone. I feel your pain. x

    1. Aimeeeeee - know why didn't I think of that. Haven't lost my phone yet. Off to look for that notes place and figure out how to voice record. I'll speak to my friend SIRI who is a very attractive microphone.