Thursday, 22 November 2012

Titting & Tatting

Shehanne Moore tagged me back.  Tit for Tat!—a tempting subject for a future posting with which I could have a lot of fun given  I’ve met a good number of tits (idiots for those unfamiliar with the insult) and encountered a lot of tat (hookey rubbish)…but that’s for another time.   

Post a snippet from your current WIP exampling the word ‘look’, Ms Moore challenged in retaliation for me tapping her with an interview a couple of weeks ago.

 A word I use rarely, I dismissed with a mad muttering about not having time for such shennanigans.  Boy, was I wrong.  58 uses of the word per the ‘Find & Replace’ function and I’m only on Chapter 8. Damn.

 And I was wrong about how deeply buried the word ‘look’ would be too.  Tripped over it a bare six lines into my current work in progress…hmm.

Him? Set a honey trap? Not bloody likely! He’d give his life for the Service—damn near had on the last occasion, taking a bullet to the gut and one to the chest—but he drew the line at pimping his body.

 “…It’s imperative we locate her brother. They’re close. Twins. She must to know where he is. Take her to bed, gain her trust. Consider it an assignment with fringe benefits. Dr Treherne isn’t bad looking after all.”

She wasn’t, if you liked your women uptight and severe—which he didn’t—and you were prepared to get your bollocks frozen off—which he wasn’t.

So there you have it, challenge met (if a little ungraciously, but Ms Moore knows where I’m coming from).  And to share the pain, I now tag: Andrea Walpole, Joanne Stewart and Jane Linfoot.)


  1. Incy...well done girl. Lotta spark...and that's just the extract. Glad others are going to feel our pain.....

    1. My 'Thanks Giving' resolution - no more public posting of WIPs!

  2. Love this excerpt! I just love the tension here.

    Don't feel bad. I'm about the same place in my WIP, and I've found over 100 instances. lol Thanks for the tag!

    1. Thanks Joanne - who would have thought such an innocent word, 'look' could seize centre stage.

  3. Look out! Here's mine!
    ‘Sorry, I wasn’t expecting you.’
    Except she was, judging by her pristine pumps, and short dress. Large black and white spots. He stifled a grin. More jockey than race-horse, this one. She turned, and he gave one mental thumbs-up as he clocked a patch of exposed, perfectly tanned back, that made him want to whistle, and a large bow, that put him in mind of a present waiting to be opened.
    ‘Someone scrubs up well when they take their shorts off.’ He shot her a wink.
    ‘Ah, so wrong! I’d never go out without shorts.’ She winked back and flicked up her full skirt, to give a flash of the shorts below.
    So that told him! Time to try another opening line.
    ‘Nice place you’ve got here.’
    ‘Great isn’t it? It isn’t mine, I told you before, I live here free, in return for horse exercising, and Grandma-sitting. Let’s me be....’
    He cut in.
    ‘Let me guess. Independent? Why does that not surprise me? Sounds like one good deal, though having met the horse in question, I’m not so sure. My shoulder’s still in recovery after being dragged here by him this morning.’ He looked round the large open space again, this time being careful to avoid the pole area. Every surface was covered. ‘I take it someone ransacked the place whilst you were away?’

    Thanks for the tag Incy!

    1. Owww - nice snippet, Jane, fun, flirty but best of all, with enough characterisation to encourage me to make them my friends.

      Brave of you to post too - so thanks